Who are we?

Yoga has proven its capacity to empower people in their daily lives. However, it is still hard to both start and keep a yoga habit: we travel more and more, abandon our gym memberships and often become tired from trying to find a partner or source of motivation.

Panther creates unique yoga events to experience health in mind and body. We offer Yoga Breakfast, Yoga Brunch, Afterwork Yoga, Yoga on Rooftop and many other occasions to stay fit, feel peaceful and have fun with people coming from all around the world.

On top of that, Panther has designed yoga classes for specific groups of people to better match their needs and expectations. Employees, football players, pregnant women and kids all have Panther’s attention through tailor-made yoga classes.

Yoga Events

Stay fit, feel peaceful and have fun with people coming from all around the world

Just Have Fun

Our Yoga Events take place in Shanghai and Los Angeles on different dates and times. They are fun, affordable and flexible. Enjoy our Yoga Brunch, meet people at our Yoga Picnic and try out our Yoga Fusion classes!


Panther’s Getaways are a unique way to relax and better cope with life in big cities

Just Relax

The modern urban citizen is busy and stressed. And when she is not focused on business, she dares to take a break and indulge on a relaxing weekend.

Corporate Yoga

We build unique yoga classes and events for companies and their employees

Be Brave

Panther has been working with companies since it started. We built YE! Yoga for Employees which has the aim of increasing employees productivity and happiness. On the other hand, YaaS! Yoga as a Service helps companies promote their venue, product or services through yoga events.

Chloe, our Head Teacher

Chloe is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Co-Founder of Panther. She loves combining traditional yoga with sport anatomy to guide her students towards healthier and happier life. In her Yoga class, Chloe focuses on her students’ needs: release pressure on body and mind, recover from injury, increase energy, stay fit and find a good balance in modern day life.

Chloe has a 7-year yoga experience (5 years of teaching). She studied Traditional Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga, Therapy Yoga and Meditation with masters in India. She holds a Human Body Sports Anatomy degree and a High Level Yoga Trainer 500TT Certificate.