Flexibility is a second power Inspiration for joyful living Serenity is inside you
Flexibility is a second power

Do yoga today for a better tomorrow

Inspiration for joyful living

Get a clear mind and a fit body

Serenity is inside you
Control your body to free your soul


We create unique yoga events in Shanghai and Los Angeles to help you stay fit, feel peaceful and have fun together

Start your week-end on the right foot: 1h yoga class followed with a healthy brunch

Come straight after work to release stress and pains from prolonged sitting postures

Let's reconnect to yourself and to nature with Yoga Picnics and Yoga on the best Rooftops

We mix yoga with other disciplines such as crossfit and capoeira


We help companies to organize yoga events and include yoga classes in their employees’ schedule

  • 1

    Yoga on Chair

    Strengthen and stretch all body parts that suffer from stress and screen work. This class relieves the tightness due to prolonged sitting posture, and teach effective breathing techniques to help employees relax and focus.

  • 2

    Promotional Events

    Along with the booming interest towards healthy lifestyles, yoga has become a key marketing tool. Draw the attention to your venue, product or service through a yoga event.

  • 3

    Boost Your Events

    Music festivals, art exhibitions, corporate events, ceremonies... Yoga fits in many types of occasions and can be an unusual yet trendy way to increase audience satisfaction.