We aim at spreading the benefits of yoga to the most by organizing unique yoga events.

Stay fit, feel peaceful and have fun with people coming from all around the world.

Yoga Brunch

Move, relax, eat healthy and have fun with your buddy. How to better start your Sunday?

Start your Sunday on the right foot

The modern urbanite is busy and stressed. Yoga Brunches are a unique way to indulge on a relaxing day

Afterwork Yoga

Come straight after work for a yoga class followed with a healthy dinner. Relax your body and mind.

Had a crazy day? Come and relax...

Afterwork Yoga helps to relax your muscles and joints from the long hours spent sitting on a chair. Come back to the now and move from one pose to another

Outdoor Yoga

Join our Yoga on rooftops and Yoga Picnics to reconnect to yourself and to the environment.

Yoga is wild, why aren't you?

Living in big cities tends to erase nature and emotions from our brain. Reconnect to your environment through Outdoor Yoga

Yoga Fusion

Let's be creative and enjoy the benefits from other sports. HIIT n' Yoga, Box n' Yoga, Yoga Capoeira...

Be Unique

Open your mind, open your heart, and learn from others. At Panther, we like to invite other sport coaches to mix their experience with yoga


Check out our upcoming events in Shanghai and Los Angeles and book your ticket!